Prove It 21 exists to discuss HSE 21, the program in Hamilton Southeastern School Corporation (HSE) in central Indiana.

  • What problem does this program solve?
  • How is the cost justified?
  • What are the trade-offs?
  • Is it worth the disruption?

The answers to these questions are not simple, nor have they been addressed in any coherent, definitive way by the HSE administration.  Help our community discuss these questions and concerns, and if it proves necessary, use public opinion to delay or cancel this program.



4 comments on “About

  1. I hope someone reads this. I have written a formal letter to the HSE Superintendent, Head of School Board, and City Council members. In essence, I stated that I am not and will not purchase, BYOD, or rent an iPad for my daughter when she enters Fall Creek Intermediate. I requested a devised plan for her since she will not have an iPad. This iniaitve is not law. Parents do not have to surcumb to this. Thousands of my tax dollars are taken out of my check for state and local taxes every month. I am not againist the initiative itself, I am against them placing the burden of its cost onto the parents. If they did not have the money to fund this initiative, then it should have been postpone until such funds becomes available. After sending my letter out, I received a response from the Assistant Superintendent basically reinterating what was said at the meetings and posted on the website. The only new statement was, “we are not offering an “opted out” option”. I did not request an opt out, I told them that i am not paying for it out of my personal funds. They have yet to devise a plan for my daughter, who is a straight A student without the use of technology in the classroom, when she starts in the Fall. All of the parents out there who think this is wrong, stand up to them on this issue. This is your money. They are not only telling you that you have to purchase a tablet, but they are being specific on which brand you buy. My daughter currently has a Samsung that I just purchased for her last year. Why in the **LL would I buy an iPad now? This is a public school system. My daughter has aright to a traditional education that meets her academic learning ability. I urge everyone who is against this, to write to the superintedent and tell them if you don’t want to take on the burden of the costs that should be on the school system. They claim that textbook rentals will decrease, it will only decrease for those how already have ipad. Those who buy new or rent, you need to add the cost of the purchase and rental with the fees, and simple math says you will come out paying just as much if not more. What is your child (as they are….children) breaks it? You will have to replace it! This is ridiculous. They should have taken a voite from the parents who they wished to take on the burden of the cost before doing this – and I don’t mean no hand selected PTA moms, either. Those of you who are against this, the only way to bring about change is to stand up for what you believe in. If you believe that the burden of this cost should not be placed on the parents and do not want to purchase, BYOD, or rent an iPad for your child this coming fall, please write to them and tell them. I am only one voice, but I will be a powerful one. Good luck to everyone and God Bless!

  2. Have you seen the HSE Parents’ Voice Facebook page? We’d love to talk to you about your information here in hopes of working together.

    • I did and I’ve seen the news articles. Unfortunately, I don’t see any genuine response from the administration, nor did I expect one. I wish you the best of luck in your fight, but don’t have the bandwidth to fight this fight anymore. Just focused on getting my children into high school where this nonsense won’t affect them.

      • Thanks for the response. We will keep on fighting the good fight, but we appreciate all you did for this effort before we got involved.

        Take Care, Emilie and Matt Molter ᐧ


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